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Part No. Quantity Brand D/C Price Remark Update
AD210BN 100pcs AD 2007+ MODULE.NEW
AD589TH 1000pcs AD 1999+ CAN-2,new,2days
AD8313ARMZ 2000pcs AD 2008+ MSOP-8,in stock
ADM202JRNZ 8000pcs AD 2008+,ROHS SOP-26
AK4550VT 3600pcs AKM 2004+ SSOP-16
AM29F010-55JI 8000pcs AMD 2006+ PLCC-32,new and original
APT55GF60BN 200pcs APT 2004 1DAY
AT28C25615JI 1000pcs ATMEL 2004+ new and original
AT89C51ED2-3CSIM 4000pcs ATMEL 0449+ new and orignal,IN STOCK
AT89S52-24PU 8000PCS AMTEL 2007+ DIP-40,ROHS,new and original
AT90SC6464C 1000 ATMEL 2004+ TQFP-44,NEW 2days
Atmega16-16pu 10000pcs ATMEL 2008+ ROHS,in stock,new and orignial
Atmega32-16pu 10000pcs ATMEL 2008+ new and original in stock,ROHS
ATMEGA48V-10AU 8000pcs ATMEL 2009+,ROHS
ATMEGA8L-8PI 1500pcs ATMEL 2007+ DIP-28,2days
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You can search by full part number, or just by partial part number. There is no distinction for the capitalization, and unclear part of the part number can be represented by %. Such as to search AS3843D, you can enter full part number, or type ' %%3D', 'AS38%', 'AS%84%D', etc. The result will be listed out.



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