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Part No. Quantity Brand D/C Price Remark Update
L80227 2000pcs LSI 2001+ QFP-64,NEW,2days
LFX200EB-03F256C 50pcs LATTICE 2008+,ROHS new and original,IN STOCK
LGG2G331MELB30 8000pcs NICHICON 2008+,ROHS 5days delivery time
LGY1C103MELA25 1000pcs NICHICON 2008+ ROHS,new and original
LLN2W181MELB25 20000pcs NICHICON 2008+,ROHS 5days
LLS1V273MELC 4000pcs NICHICON 2009+,ROHS 5days
LM2576T-ADJ 5000pcs NSC 2008+,ROHS TO-220,in stock
LM2904N 2500pcs NSC 2008+,ROHS new and original
LM340S-12 30000pcs NSC 2009+,ROHS
LM358AMX/NOPB 9000pcs NSC 2007+ new and original,ROHS
LM4120AIM5-3.3 9000pcs NSC 2007+ 3000/reel,ROHS
LMP2014MT 5000pcs NSC 2007+ TSSOP-14
LNT1H153MSE 2000pcs nichicon 2008+ ROHS,new and orignial,Aluminum Screw Terminal Capacitor; Capacitance: 15000uF; Voltage: 50V; Case Si
LNT2V682MSEH 1000pcs NICHICON 2008+,ROHS 5days delivery time
LT1766IFE#PBF 2000pcs LTC 2007+,ROHS TSOP-16
LTST-S220KGKT 60000 LITEON 2007+ ROHS,3000/reel,new and original in stock
LUH200V221MS22 9000pcs NICHICON 2008+,ROHS 5days delivery time
LXY10VB332M12X35LL 50000pcs NIPPON CHEMI-CON 2008+ new and original,ROHS,7days
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