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Part No. Quantity Brand D/C Price Remark Update
T7906A only left TOS 2004+ QFP
TA7555F 2000pcs TOS 1999+ new and original,1day
TAJA474M050RNJ 20000pcs AVX 2008+,ROHS 2000/REEL
TAJD336K035RNJ 50000pcs AVX 2008+,ROHS new and original,IN STOKC
TBP28S42N 1000pcs TI 2002+ DIP-20,new and original
TBP28S42N 800pcs TI 2002+ DIP-20,new and original
TE7750 500pcs TOKO 2000+ QFP-120
TP3094V 2000pcs NSC 2003+ PLCC-44,NEW
TPA6017A2PWPR 18000pcs TI 2008+,ROHS
TPSD107K16R0150 50000pcs AVX 2008+,ROHS new and original,in stock
TVX2W470MDA 60000pcs NICHICON 2008+,ROHS 7days delivery time
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