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Part No. Quantity Brand D/C Price Remark Update
R6502AP 2000pcs ROCKWELL 2003+ new and unused,DIP-40
RE3-35V332MJ8 20000PCS ELNA 2008+,ROHS 5days delivery time
RFS-50V102MK9 5000pcs ELNA 2008+,ROHS 5days delivery time
RKJXT1E12001 2000 ALPS 2007+ 1000/BAG,new and original purchased by ABE yet.
RKJXT1F42001 2000 ALPS 2007+ 1000/bag,new and original from ALPS agent in stock
ROA-10V101MG3 50000pcs ELNA 2008+,ROHS new and original
RTC72421A 2000pcs EPSON 2004+ DIP-18,new and original
RTD2523B 1200pcs REALTEK 2006+ QFP-128,NEW
RV-50V101MH10U-R 35000pcs ELNA 2008+,ROHS 500/REEL
RVS-50V2R2MU-R 48000pcs ELNA 2008+,ROHS 2000/REEL
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